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Manzanita Floor Brooms


Manzanita is a beautiful hardwood which we gather in Southern Arizona. Each piece is completely different.

The photos are samples only, but if you order one of these brooms we will email you a photo of current stock so you can choose from a few options. The price listed is an estimate, prices of individual brooms may vary. We will try to always provide some options that are equal to the listed price. Please note while our full sized brooms are shown here, we have a wide range of sizes so if you are looking for something in the middle please call or email and we will get you the right broom. 

Note: The Flat manzanita floor brooms are going to be a challenge to keep in stock this year due to COVID. We are currently continuing to dig through our supply and finish more pieces but selection may run low. We strive to only stitch brooms flat that have a balance that makes them highly functional, which has always made them a lot more limited than our round broom supply. If you are buying this broom for purely decorative reasons, we could have a wider range of handles to choose from for your flat broom. Feel free to call and discuss in more detail what you are looking for!