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Marriage Brooms


Marriage brooms are built onto a forked branch so there are two brooms which are then stitched back together in the end. They are symbolic of two becoming one. 

It is considered good luck to jump over a broom when getting married. This tradition was done in North America during slavery,  as enslaved people weren't allowed to marry. It was also done in Europe if people couldn't afford to marry or lived in a rural area far from a minister. 

A broom makes a great wedding gift, and if having trouble deciding what type to buy, we always recommend considering the newlyweds and if they'd prefer something more decorative or something more practical as any broom would be considered good luck in a wedding.

Image is sample only. If you order a marriage broom we will send you photos of current stock to choose. If you aren't sure about size just call or email and we will put together a selection to photograph for you.