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Manzanita Flat Floor Brooms


The first image is a sample only but the rest are individually photographed brooms that will correspond with the listings, so you can pick the one you are interested in. If you don't see what you are looking for feel free to call or email us to ask what else we may have in stock, especially if most options on the website are sold, we may just be behind in updating!

Additional details on the current listings:

Broom 1 (Lahar) 58" long, thick handle. The stripe goes right up the centre in front, while the back side is darker.

Broom 2 (Gemini) 56" long. This broom is almost a twin to the one we named Lahar, which is rare for such a unique broom! It also has a thick handle but is well balanced for sweeping.

Broom 3 (Etna) 56" long. This broom has a thicker section/knob at the top which may not be obvious in the photo!

Broom 4 (Rainier) 53" long. This is a compact sized floor broom.

Broom 5 (Thames) 56" long. This is quite a thick handle with interesting markings and features.

Broom 6, 52" long. This is a nice sweeping compact sized floor broom.

Broom 7, (Mammoth) 60" long. This is one of the largest/heaviest brooms we've ever made. The handle has some really awesome features but note it is extremely thick - the broom weighs about 7lbs!