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Our Story

We were raised in an artisan community on the east shore of Kootenay Lake. Growing up in our world meant we were continually encouraged to develop an appreciation for creativity, the arts and practical hand skills. Living a rural, self sufficient lifestyle meant we were always seeking ways to make things last longer and minimize waste. Broom making was a perfect fit for this way of life. 


The knowledge of broom making was passed down to us by our parents. After leaving the Kootenays and living in Vancouver for many years, we decided to bring broom making to Granville Island so we could connect to our roots and continue the tradition. 


We build our brooms in the Shaker style. These methods originated from Shaker villages in the eastern United States. We make all the brooms on site using a variety of antique tools and equipment. The brooms are labor intensive to build, but as a result are also long lasting and highly functional. Each one is different.


We hope to see you in our shop!


Mary and Sarah Schwieger