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Round Brooms (dowel handle)


The traditional round style broom predates the flat style broom, and was common up until the mid 1800s when the flat broom became the new standard.

The untrimmed broom is good for quickly clearing big open spaces when you don't need much control and aren't worried about raising dust. 

The trimmed broom is good for small spaces and works best on rough surfaces

Note: The flat broom also works well in both of these scenarios and is a more durable broom, but if you are looking for something a little different or for a historical style broom, then the round broom is a great option.

Made with poplar dowel handles.

Approximate Lengths:

  • Compact - Trimmed 50"
  • Compact - Untrimmed 55"
  • Full - Trimmed 57"
  • Full - Untrimmed 64"